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REVERSE Welcomes Director Johan Stahl!

We’re excited to welcome lifestyle director Johan Stahl to our roster. Based in Denmark, Stahl brings a unique and energetic style of directing to  REVERSE as he balances disarming humanity and a razor-sharp technique to tell emotionally poignant stories.

Previously handled in the U.S. by Bully Pictures and Maverick, Stahl has an intuitive sense for creating a character driven universe with a comic feel. These qualities combined with a strong visual sensibility and the capacity to tell authentic, fast paced stories is what makes him a truly captivating and versatile director. His work is generally a blend of cinematic and realistic, building narratives that never feel overly staged or slick. Rather, Stahl’s work seems to frame spontaneous moments of life, whether that moment be light-hearted, humorous, or emotionally moving, they are all grounded in reality. Apart from his commercial work with clients such as GE, IKEA, Standard Chartered Bank, Saxo Bank, Nykredit, Shell, and the Royal Bank of Canada, Stahl is also a founder of the human rights based sunglasses brand, DEAR LEADER, which strives to help promote democracy in North Korea through weapons of mass information.

REVERSE Partner Thibaut Estellon says, “We’re all  excited to welcome Johan to our roster. I’ve been following his work for a while now and have consistently admired his ability to surprise and delight his viewers. He’s a master at blending emotion, light comedy, and visual storytelling with a singular vision. Johan brings something truly refreshing to the industry, so I feel it’s just a matter of time before he explodes in the U.S. market, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this process.”

Even as a young boy, Stahl was captivated with cinema and storytelling. He followed his passion and worked for 8 years in the television industry, refining his skills through directing, writing, and producing some of the most successful comedy shows and documentaries in Danish Broadcasting. He also directed, filmed, and produced music videos and segments for “The Boys From Angora,” a multi-award winning comedy show in Denmark.

Stahl’s first commercial campaign was a nineteen-hour shoot in Los Angeles for the fashion brand “Jack & Jones.” This experience compelled him to make the leap and become a full-time director in pursuit of commercials and features. His first short film, WEEKEND DAD, commissioned by the Danish Film Institute, won a Robert Award (the equivalent of an Oscar) for Best Long Short Film, and he now has three feature films in development.

Stahl comments, saying that, “I first learned about REVERSE through Thibaut Estellon and felt that this was an innovative, energetic, and highly driven company that seemed to really be going in the right direction. I’m now very excited to be a part of this new family filled with talented directors, and look forward to bringing my years of experience to the U.S. market.”


Check out Johan Stahl’s work here.



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