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Our New Commercial with agency SCOUT is a Breath of Fresh Air

Our new spot with agency SCOUT, “The Lengths We’ll Go,” directed by Romain Quirot, goes beyond conventions, embracing quirky and inventive storytelling to create a light-hearted and comedic spot. The campaign carries us through the ridiculous lengths people will go to fight dust and allergens.

A puff of dust, wrinkle of a nose, and quiver of a hand holding a neti pot all come together like a choreographed ballet, allowing the camera to dance effortlessly around a variety of methods one might try to combat their allergens. We travel from one wacky attempt to another including a polished elderly lady sitting in her quaint kitchen for tea time, only to dump globs of local honey down her throat, an animated college student wrestling with her plastic mattress cover, and a woman venturing into the depths of her AC unit to clean out all the dust. Whimsical elements add personality to the spot such as a dishwasher opening on its own to reveal an array of confused toys, and a hairless cat glaring directly at us. We finally arrive on a young couple who watch their baby sleep soundly on their new carpet.

Although this spot is based on the simple concept of all the things people do to fight dust and allergens, it is devilishly effective, as Quirot compels people to laugh, perhaps sympathetically, at those who will try anything to feel better.

Watch the spot here!



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